We provide our services, to any man , woman or child who is referred by the department of social services, Probation, child services and other agencies as well clients who voluntarily seek of our services

MLAF provides young people with the tools, strategies and information to plan for their careers and make smarter education decisions based on their desired career path. Basically, MLAF show young adults that in order to get things they want out of life, they have to make plan. Currently ninety five percent of available jobs in the United States require a certification or two to four years degree. This means that many openings in high paying, high demand careers are going unfilled here in Louisiana. As a result it is hard for Louisiana to attract or retain businesses. Many young adults feel to leave the state in search of opportunity.

We look forward to speaking with you in the very near future. Our staffs of dedicated career coaches will help ensure your academic and career success. Because remember “In order to be successful at choosing a career you need a good coach”

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